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stand out.
build a 6-figure design business inspired by you.

Drop Dead Designer is a 3-month immersive experience that will change the way you design, run your business, and think about yourself.

Our Promise:

(Without the busywork, fluff or B.S.)

“The coaching + mentorship inside Drop Dead Designer have been LIFE-CHANGING.”

- ERYNN, milk & Honey Design Studio

After joining Drop Dead Designer, I booked my first 5-figure client. As a self-taught designer still practicing my skills, DDD gave me so many opportunities to create work & discover who I am as a designer.

true story

Being a freelancer is naturally hard.

Competing to find consistent design clients

It's not you.

Earning literal pennies for your hard work

Feeling bored and uninspired by your projects

Hearing “but THIS designer can do it cheaper”

Battling clients for creative control

Fearing that nothing will ever change

As a former freelancer, I’ve been right where you are:

Now, I run a multi six-figure creative agency and have coached 500+ designers. What do I know for sure? Success isn’t about a design education, money to invest, or luck.

Success is about working smarter and stepping into your unique creative power.

Success is about working smarter and stepping into your unique creative power.

"I'm now doing $20k+ months in my business."

- Jo, Jo Chunyan studio

Before Drop Dead Designer, I couldn't see myself getting to a consistent level of income. I'm now doing $20k months - and in some cases, even more. This is an amazing investment. And I don't say that lightly. I've done a lot of other coaching programs and DDD is the one that made the difference.

true story

What is Drop Dead Designer?


Yes, we’ll help you “create the perfect offer” and “understand pricing,” but more importantly, we give you the knowledge, tools, and confidence to run a business. You’ll create revenue streams, learn how to attract dreamy clients + more.

Part Business School...

Get ready for everything design school doesn’t teach. You’ll learn how to unearth your unique Designer Magic, stand out, land clients who don’t look twice at competitors, and create work that sets your heart on fire.

Part Design School...

We don’t just show the how, we give you the why. This allows you to quickly implement our framework in the short-term AND have the confidence to adapt it as your business and life evolve in the future.

Part Real Freakin' Life...

What’s Waiting for You Inside  the Live Drop Dead Designer Experience?

5 Core DDD Modules

30+ video lessons covering everything from standing out to building an audience to booking clients. (See more below.)

Drop Dead Designer Daybook

Use your interactive Daybook (mailed to you in print!) for lesson notes, planning, and creative exploration at home + out in the world.

Done-for-You Template Collection

Use our agency’s own templates (design contract, client process, welcome kit, etc.) to implement a 6-figure client process fast.

3 Live Hot Seat Coaching Calls w/ Ariel

Join our 3 live coaching calls to ask Ariel questions about your learnings, client situations, your business challenges + beyond.

2 x Personal Design Work Reviews

Want our eyes on your design work? You got it. We’ll review your work + share feedback to help you hone your unique aesthetic.

Live Support + Community

Get quick answers + real-time support within our exclusive FB group. You can also opt-in to be paired with another 1-2 designers in DDD!

A different, more empowered version of yourself.

Doors Open Soon

What’s Waiting for You Outside  of Drop Dead Designer Experience?

More confidence to book big projects + own your creativity.

10x more energy + clarity to create the life you want.

We want to hand you quick wins and help you create long-term success on your terms.

"I'm charging $5,000-$10,000 for my work...and it's the type of work i love getting to do."

"DDD gave me the confidence to significantly raise my prices. I also hit 6-figures for the first time in 7 years of trying on my own."

- jade, jade m. designs

- kate,  zeitler design

Come drool over each juicy module.

you asked for it.

the magic

step one

Learn how to stand out in this ridiculously competitive industry
Explore and uncover your unique Designer Magic®
Build an audience of obsessed & loyal fans
Learn how to source original inspiration for your work
Develop a strong strategy behind your brand
During this phase, you’ll discover what uniquely inspires you and use that to create work that stands out & gets you noticed by your dream client.
Guided high-converting portfolio project

the money

step two

Create a vision plan for your finances & uncover your pathway to 6-figures
Map out your income goals, translating them into an attainable action-plan
Learn how to increase your prices NOW
Understand the value of design + how to price your services (pricing calculator included!)
Craft a high-value offer that's an easy "yes" for potential clients
This phase is going to make your income goals feel achievable. You’ll walk away with a solid strategy for how to hit $100,000 from your design work.

the Sell

step three

Learn where + how to find your dream clients
How to approach marketing as a designer in 2024
How to build an audience of followers who are obsessed with you
Sales psychology that can be applied to any marketing platform
Discover why collabs are so important + build your support circle
step four

Build a high-ticket client process that feels like a luxury experience
Learn how to turn clients into fans and long-term referral sources
Discover how to automate your client process + have it feel personal
Set boundaries to preserve creative control + your free time
Access my signature collection of proposals, contracts, welcome kit templates and more for fast implementation

the Client Process

the Collection

step five

Develop your stand-out signature product suite
Learn how to create products people are practically begging to buy
Get my crash-course on the tech side of selling products online
Differentiate your collection in a crowded marketplace
Learn how to sell your products without a big audience

Done-for-you client process template collection

Pricing Calculator

Our plug-n-play method for pricing your high + low-ticket services.

Word for word what to say to potential clients to lock down those high-ticket "yes"'s!

Proposal Template

Seal the deal with our proposal template, optimized to upsell your clients into a larger package.

Lawyer-Approved Contract

Your contract is key to a smooth experience for both you and the client. Protect yourself from unpaid invoices, refund requests + scope creep.

Client Welcome Kit Template

Set boundaries + expectations for your clients in the most boujee, high-end way with our Client Welcome Kit.

Deliverable Presentation Templates

Use our deliverable + feedback templates to delivery designs to clients in a way that minimizes revisions & makes you look pro.

Including the exact templates we use to delivery a high-value client process - yours to steal!

a look inside the 6-figure

Sales Call Script

15+ templates!

Drop Dead Designer Daybook


With inserts + prompts to inspire your creativity

Pages for notes + ideas during each module

Spiral-bound, “lay flat” format for creation comfort

Premium, felt-weave paper, perfect for all mediums: pen, markers, paint, watercolor, you decide!

Perforated pages for using your creations however you like

Physically mailed to your door, use your DDD Daybook to soak up lessons, explore your unique creativity, and capture what inspires you out in the world!


the Live Experience


Our 5 Core Modules
DDD Daybook (PRINT)
Build Your Client Experience (LIVE)
Done-For-You Template Collection
3 Monthly Live Coaching Calls
2 Personal Design Reviews
Exclusive FB Group


Sales Call Script
$10k in 30 Days Blueprint
Client Process Template Collection
Starts in fall 2024!


or 12-payments 0f

Doors Open Soon!

Become a Drop Dead Designer.


self-study track


Our 5 Core Modules
Build Your Client Experience (LIVE)
Done-For-You Template Collection
3 Monthly Live Coaching Calls
2 Personal Design Reviews
Exclusive FB Group


Sales Call Script
$10k in 30 Days Blueprint
Client Process Template Collection


or 12-payments 0f

Doors Open Soon!

"I went from charging $45 for a logo to booking $5k projects - an 11,000% increase!!!"

- Alia, Adventurepreneur design den

"I can't even explain to you how much Drop Dead Designer has transformed my business. I have gone through DDD (multiple times tbh!) and changed my entire business - my client process went from DMs to project proposals and venmo requests to an entirely automated management system."

true story

New around here?

I'm Ariel!


Not that long ago, I was an admin assistant at an accounting firm. Creative industry, right? Feeling completely unfulfilled, I taught myself graphic design and spent YEARS struggling to book clients.

Finally, everything changed when I stopped trying to mimic other “successful” designers. I honed in on my creative artistry, built a solid business, and figured out smarter marketing.

Before I knew it, my dream clients were seeking me out. My product sales went through the roof. I grew a team I’m obsessed with, traveled the world, bought a house, and fell in love with my life.

Now, I’m passionate about helping YOU do the same. I created Drop Dead Designer so you can skip the hard sh&t and create the life you want. Not in a few years but right now. 

Doors Open Soon

Questions + Answers.

More Deets

How long is the program?
If you choose to join us for the live experience (which we recommend!), you will be invited to 3 months’ worth of live coaching calls, design reviews, and our exclusive community for immediate support and feedback. Regardless of the learning track you choose, you'll retain lifetime access to the Drop Dead Designer core modules!
What day and time are the live calls?
Live calls are typically on Tuesdays @ 1pm PT/4pm ET! After enrolling you'll be given a breakdown of the live experience schedule to add to your calendar! All calls are recording and will be available for replay. If you're unable to attend one of our live coaching calls, you can presubmit your question ahead of time, to be answered on the call. We time-stamp all coaching calls so you can easily jump to your question's answer!
If I sign up for the self-study, can I upgrade to the live experience later?
You won't be able to join this cohort. However, you will have a chance to upgrade to the live experience with future Drop Dead Designer cohorts.
What if I don't have time for the program right now?
This program was made to SAVE you time. You will literally jump forward years by joining. Not to mention, you’ll have lifetime access to the content and can go through it at your own pace.
How long will I be able to access the program?
Once the 3-month live experience has ended, you'll retain lifetime access to the curriculum & templates, to reference as your business grows!
Is Drop Dead Designer a good fit for me?
Yes! If you’ve made it all the way down to the FAQs, I’m pretty sure this program is a good fit for you. Ask yourself: “Am I ready to create a design business that stands out, makes money, and actually feels fulfilling without going through years of trial and error?” If so, join, my friend.
Can I join if I have no technical design training?
We will not be going over technical design training in this program, so a basic understanding of design platforms is recommended. If you feel you are capable of learning quickly on your own, please reach out to hello@byariel.co to discuss. 
Do you offer refunds?
Due to the digital and proprietary nature of this program, we do not offer refunds. However, if after 90 days of being in the program, you can show that you completed the content, did the work, attended the calls, and asked questions when you got stuck and STILL didn’t find the program valuable, we will be happy to consider your request.
I have a few more questions, can I contact you?
Of course! Let’s chat. Email us at hello@byariel.co and let’s have a conversation! We're here to help you make the best possible decision for you!

"...I have a full roster of clients, all of them being at the highest rates I’ve ever charged...."

- Lola, The Brand Doula

"I truly feel like the trajectory of my business was completely changed by Drop Dead Designer...everything is taught with such honesty and transparency. I knew that it was possible for me to grow just as Ariel has."

true story

Other designers have “made it.” Why not you? Why not now?

There’s a voice in your head that knows you’re meant for something more. To be your own boss. To wake up with energy. To create freedom + a life you’re obsessed with.

Drop Dead Designer helps you do this as quickly and easily as possible. No second-guessing. No years of struggle. Just a clear path you can make your own.

Doors Open Soon

Build a design business that Is  your dream life.

Doors Open Soon


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